Quizen available for download

Quizen available for download

Quizen is now available for download in Appstore and Google Play. The app will not be marketed as of yet, but available for download by anyone who discovers it with the purpose of being able to track possible app functionality issues.

” All the questions and answer alternatives in Quizen are generated automatically and these questions are related to the logic that generate them. We have configured only a small number of such templates at the moment, and before we market Quizen we want to secure that the app is stable and reach a reasonable level of questions being generated, so users will be able to take quizzes on more topics and categories”, says Fredrik Lundkvist.

The overall plan for Quizen is to make an official launch in early January. Before then, the usage from a smaller community of users will be analyzed and results combined with the major areas already identified as next in line.

”We need to be patient with the success of Quizen. We have a quiz generation platform enabling us to have great flexibility in how we provide user experiences. And we know we can reach the point where our app slogan – challenge anyone, on anything – will become a reality for many global users. But we also realize that within the next few months, we will need to focus on two major areas: Increasing the number of questions and the quality assurance around them, plus, bringing more game mode features to the user. Basically making Quizen more fun with more challenge options and game modes”, Lundkvist continues.

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